News for April 16th, 2010

Johne Cook says: The esteemed writing site, AuthorCulture, has had a lapse in judgment and has asked me to join their team posting periodic items on the writing blog. Their charter is 'inspiring, enlightening, and uniting writers and readers.' Today is my first post, and they asked me to say howdy. So allow myself to, uh...Well, you know.

This from Terri Main:
Dark Side of the Moon, a cozy mystery set in a lunar colony at the end of the 21st century, has been contracted by MuseItUp Publishing. (http://museituppublishing.com/)  According to author Terri Main, the story centers around Carolyn Masters, a history professor and former FBI profiler, who takes a job at Armstrong University on the moon. She is just getting used to 1/6 G when a colleague Juan McAlister, Astromechanics professor and leader in the Lunar Independence Movement, is murders. Together with a retired homicide detective, Carolyn must use her profiling skills to solve the murder, stop a terrorist plot, exorcise her own demons, and maybe find romance at middle age.
"I love science fiction and I love cozies, so it was fun bringing the two of my favorite genres together," said Main. "I am also excited in that Carolyn is an openly Christian character in what is an essentially secular story and this novel was picked up by a secular publisher."

And this from Jill Williamson on To Darkness Fled:
After a long year of writing and writing and writing… the second book in my Blood of Kings trilogy is now up for sale! Thanks so much to everyone who supported me by praying, or reading my first book, or telling people about it. I had no idea when I started writing just how much hard work was involved in all this. Regardless, it has been a fun and rewarding experience.
Or special order the through your local Barnes and Noble.

Jeremy Robinson announces the release of Instinct at http://www.jeremyrobinsononline.com/2010/04/instinct-arrives-today.html. He has also given an interview at Geekscribe: http://www.geekscribe.com/2010/04/12/6484/

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