News for May 26th, 2010

Randy Ingermanson, the mad professor of fiction writing and author of several Christian science fiction novels, has made an unbeatable offer on his website. Anyone can post a question on fiction writing at http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/home/ask.php and Randy will schedule it to be answered on his blog.

Terri Main says: The main character in Dark Side of the Moon has a problem. Her household computer system which handles everything from cleaning robots to managing Carolyn's Calendar needs a name. It is actually starting to get testy that it does not have one yet. So, on my Facebook page for the last month we have been gathering names. Finalists are now posted for voting at
If you posted a name feel free to vote for it. If not, help Carolyn pick the name for her house.

Ellen Maze is looking for vampire victims - no kidding! If you want to nominate yourself to be killed off in her next novel Rabbit Legacy, head on over to her blog and have your say. 

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