News for June 14th, 2010: ResAliens new edition

The new edition of Residential Aliens is here - be sure and check out its all new stories at

Still with ResAliens, Rick Copple says: Residential Aliens has been kind enough to grab and publish the second edition in my Neptune 2 series, Shifting Love.Take a moment to check it out. But before you do, give some thoughts to how you express your love for others in your life, whether it be family, wife, relatives, co-workers, or even your pet.
Here's last week's radio interview with Keven Newsome, the author of Winter, a Gothic Spiritual thriller Scroll down to "Thursday 06.10.10" and click on the play button for "Keven Newsome, author of 'Winter'" - http://waoy.afr.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=25&Itemid=51 
And for a limited time only, you can download Winter free at this link:

Scott Roche is involved in a brand-new ezine for uplifting speculative fiction, and the first edition is due in July. Check out all the details here: http://flyingislandpress.com/

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