Ray Gun Revival Magazine, Issue 56

Ray Gun Revival magazine celebrates the start of our fifth year with Issue #56. Also, this is our second-to-last issue for our great publisher, Double-Edged Publishing (more on that in the Overlords' Lair editorial, The Quality of the Detour).


68 pages

Dark Encounter by James Hartley
Lt. Bronte must figure how to prevent a collision with something that isn't there.

The Battle Over Procyon by James Coughtrey
Ray guns lance through the sky, plasma fire rains down on unsuspecting ships and Kayo Kaelem is about to experience the fight of his life.

The Green Planet by Gordon Ross Lanser
After a crash landing, crewmates must trek across an alien planet while the jungle pursues them.

Lifeline by T.M. Hunter
Awaking from a drunken stupor, Aston discovers that his life has been held under judgment without his knowledge. Unfortunately, he's as guilty as sin!

The Vnimajici by Caleb Jordan Schulz
She wanted everyone in the universe to attend her wedding in Cali, Colombia. She hadn't expected robots too.

Featured artist, Pierre-Etienne Travers

Checker by J.D. Williams
You can find benefits to OCD, even in a warfront on an alien world.

Of Machinery and Sea Life by Pete Carter
Aliens have come to conquer earth, can anyone stop them?

Calamity's Child, Chapter Nine: Object Real: Ransom in the Fall of the Mountain King, and Chapter Ten: Object Real: Ave Maria, Part One by M. Keaton
Serial Fiction
Red Dog fights. Kylee fights. Ivan fights.

Thieves' Honor: Episode Eleven: The Rescuers, Part Two by Keanan Brand
Serial Fiction
Zoltana’s in the brig while Kristoff schemes to steal the game. But who on his ship is a colonial spy?

Johne Cook / L. S. King / Paul Christian Glenn
The Overlords, Ray Gun Revival magazine

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