News for August 11th 2010

Kristina Schram says: I am starting a viral video campaign for the release of my book, The Chronicles of Anaedor:  The Prophecies, coming to bookstores everywhere and available on-line, August 10, 2010!
Here's the video - YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hKMYB_RSOw
or... My website:  http://www.kristinaschram.com/

New at Mindflights: "The Captain and His Squire" by Matthew Wuertz - Cole of Arkessler enters Kartev to study the life of Captain Borodin. Unfortunately for the scholar, he arrives just before the town comes under attack.

Jeremy Robinson unveils a plan to release his novel Beneath in hardcover: http://bit.ly/9vUqmV

Check out the latest articles by Janalyn Voigt at http://janalynvoigt.com/ - Don't let your blog, or the Internet, or your career eat you alive!

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