News for September 3rd 2010

Jeff Gerke gives a great introduction to Marcher Lord Press at the Christian Fiction Online Magazine:

Press release for Alpha Redemption by P.A. Baines, new this week:

Part 2 of the P.A. Baines interview at Scita > Scienda with C.L. Dyck:

And a chance to win a copy of Alpha Redemption at International Christian Fiction Writers:

This week's updates from Laser & Sword Magazine:
Revelator has a stunning revelation from the Book of Revelation for Jesse. http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/the-double-cross-part-twenty-two/ (The Double Cross, Part Twenty-Two)
Can Marco stop Night Lord from revealing the truth to the police? (Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Twenty) http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/origin-of-the-emerald-avenger-part-twenty/
Snyder, Dread, Morgan, and Kendell attack the terrorist compound. (Countdown, Part Nine.)

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