Biblical Discernment Ministry's flawed logic

Adam and Donna have already done a great job of exposing Biblical Discernment Ministry's poor use of logic. I'd like to add a couple of points:

"Most true Christians would recognize fantasy, such as the movie Star Wars, as
being extremely wicked (in this case, sorcery -- "The Force" being equivalent to
black magic and white witchcraft). Yet, apparently, when we call it "Christian,"
this somehow sanctifies what we do with our minds (imaginations), or what we
allow our minds to entertain. "--BDM

Two points:
1) Star Wars is an imaginative work, and an opportunity to "be in the world but not of it". It's a chance to debate Pantheism with those around us, and expose the weaknesses of that world-view.
2) This argument implies that we who are called to write Christian spec-fic, pen works of Pantheism like Star Wars, then merely add the word "Christian" to movie posters. I'd like to invite a BDM representative to join Daniel I Weaver's critique group, which consists of nearly forty Christian Speculative Fiction authors. They can observe how we struggle to get the Theology of our fiction as Biblical as possible. The Lost-Genre Guild will not stand behind any piece that's not Biblical. They can watch how we strive to glorify Him with our every word. This is the prayer of our members:

Father, we are gathered here to praise and glorify you.
Our project may give us the idea that we're trying to lift up ourselves, our names, our work. But we are determined to lift up Jesus, that HE may draw everyone to HIMSELF. That is your will too, so we ask you to bless this project

But we also know that you delight to reward your servants. Proverbs 27:18 says, He who tends a fig tree will eat its fruit, and he who looks after his master will be honored. We are doing your work in the way you have designed us to do it, so bless us as well as our efforts, and help us to love and support one another rather than compete for the glory that belongs to you alone.
In Jesus' name, amen.

"Well," someone might say, "I'm not doing anything wicked, I'm just reading about wickedness."--BDM

If I can pre-define all my terms, I'll win every logical debate I enter. By these standards, since all men are sinners, therefore all writing is wicked, therefore only Jesus, Adam and Eve (before the fall), are the only ones capable of writing non-wickedness.

All the Lost Genre Guild's members consider our work to be primarily a ministry.

"But does this align with godliness? There are four things about fantasy which must be considered:
I. It is Anti-Truth.
II. It Slips Into Reality."--BDM

Using the broad brush with which BDM colors "fantasy", Jesus' parables are guilty of these points as well. That is, in fact, exactly how Lost Genre Guild Members regard our work--as parables.

"III. It Does Not Fit True Godliness.
IV. A Love for God Will Oppose It."--BDM

Again by, pre-defining "True Godliness" and "Love for God", anyone opposing these points is anti-God.

During the Reformation, a vast wealth of Christian art was lost, when Protestants stormed cathedrals and destroyed icons. What BDM promotes with their own zealous opinions, destroys future art, and is no less tragic.

Humankind has value because we're all created in the Creator's image. Christian spec-fic authors want to invest the talents He's given us to glorify our Creator.

BDM's zealotry is Biblically groundless, pharisaical, and an ugly Ambassadorship to the lost and watching world.

We will be praying for the wisdom of its membership and leaders.

A Christian authors work is 51% ministry and 49% business--God's will gets the deciding vote in any decision.

To God be the glory,
Scott “Frank Creed” Morris

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Stephen Dean said...

I love it when someone points out the illogical rantings of those who think themselves logical!

Nice job, Frank!

Todd Greene
Straitjacket Chillers: Get Strapped In . . .

Frank Creed said...

*high five*
Thanks Todd.

Mess with the bull, get the horns, that's just the way it goes."--Josey Scott

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Frank Creed said...

*high five*
Thanks, Todd.