Who's Encouraging Escapism, Again?

By Andrea Graham

It occured to me today that, while the "Biblical Discernment" people accuse Christian fiction authors of encouraging escapism, they themselves advocate leaving whole mediums (as in television, books, and movies, not the folks the OT required stoned) to the unbelieving world.

As an admitedly secular author pointed out in, "Now Discover Your Strengths," talents are values-neutral. One such talent would be the creativity that drives the arts, including fiction writing. Like all talents, creative writing can be a vehicle for either good or evil. The BD would then have us abandon this vehicle simply because some have used it for evil.

I am missing something, or is that escapism?

Further, I would remind the brethern our talents are from God. If God has given us the talent to write, would we not be judged by God if we took BD's advice and buried our talents just as surely as we would if we used them for personal glory or to advocate evil? Indeed, in the scriptures, the later was not even mentioned--but the former Jesus did mention, and the steward that buried his master's money paid a heavy price.

As to their charges to the nature of fiction, if I understand what they meant, it's true that our characters take on a life of their own, but the fact you can't walk up and shake our brain-children's hands does not make our work a lie. If we are created in the image of God, why should it be such a scandal and shock that some of us imitate our Father, who created the whole universe in like manner? Judge, then, our shadows not by their appearance, but by whether the message they carry is consistent with biblical truth.

Do not mistake me, Escapism is the goal of those like the BD, not ours. The Christian author merely seeks to be the salt of the earth, using our art to glorify the Lord, and convey the truth in the only form some are willing to recieve it in. If Christians abandon our arts, we have both abandoned them to deception--and our commision.

Indeed, my love, and godliness, to use their phrasing, makes it unthinkable to abandon the field to which my Master has called me.

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Frank Creed said...

Matthew 5: 13 is one of my favorite verses.
Well said, my friend.

Andrea Graham said...

Thanks, Mr. Creed :)