CSFF Blog Tour Stop: Day 1

The Lost Genre Guild is a stop on the October Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy (CSFF) Blog Tour. This month's feature review is about the on-line 'zine Dragons, Knights, & Angels (DKA).

Two months ago, I'd never heard of the beast. October, however, finds me entangled in its impressive array of arms and legs and its furriness. I am not at all clear on how blog tours operate, but I can appreciate their value for providing more exposure to the Lost Genre. It is kind of like the whole live t.v. thing--I can't get my head around how the picture on my t.v. arrives in front of me at the same time it is being taped, but I can certainly appreciate its usefulness. ANYHOW . . .

Flipping through the pages of Issue 37 of Dragons, Knights, & Angels was a real treat for me.
It is an on-line 'zine that features speculative fiction melded with the spiritual. Each issue contains short stories and poetry that contain "a moral code without being preachy" (definitely a topic that has generated much discussion on the Lost Genre Guild blog). And, DKA stays current--every week or so a new article is added and the oldest one rolls over into the archives. The 'zine also offers a forum for discussing individual pieces. In this issue I was especially entertained by the flash fiction of Ivy Reisner; you must read Useless Meetings: A group of corporate demons implement a policy of inflicting useless meetings on humans.

DKA provides a menu sure to please fans of Biblical Spec-fic; do check it out!


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