DKA: Day 3

And, for the final day of October's CSFF Blog Tour . . .

To encourage readers to spend some time at Dragons, Knights, & Angels Magazine, I thought I'd do a quick run down on some of this month's selections. Without further ado, here is a partial October Line-Up:

Plaque ct matthews (fiction speculative)
-an unusual vampire story that answers the question: what happens to a vampire when it feasts on "bad blood"?

"His victim's blood had not yet dried on his razor sharp fangs, now badly corroded and about to dissolve altogether."

A Song for the Orcs J Evans Seton (poetry fantasy)
-in a day when kings and knights have forsaken their faith, a bard calls Orcs to action: now is their time to be redeemed.

"To dare the dragons you once served!
To rescue the damsels
lustrous locks
and soft, gentle forms
you once would have gnashed and
with hungry teeth!
To live that life
that they
whom you so
long envied
have in decadence
come to hate.
The door is closing,

Dragon . . . Knight . . . Angel Genevieve Cunningham fiction fantasy-student)
-an order of knights have drifted from their oaths. All warnings about their fallen ways go unheeded. A meeting with a dragon and an angel first enlightens and strengthens the leader's soul.

"It steadily pressed at his heart and mind, from what seemed like all directions. Yet it was not a forceful or invading power; it did not incite fear or the desire to flee. It only asked for a response."

Damage Jane Lebak (fiction speculative)
-a fallen angel is sent to ensure an unborn child's soul ends up in Hell. He is amazed at the mother who stubbornly carries the anencephalic baby to term!

"In a way it was a fascinating entity, and I found myself staring at the viscous soul as if it were a carcass in the woods. It would have been mine if things had worked out differently."

An Epitaph for Shangri-la George L Duncan (fiction science fiction)
-space travelers discover that utopia is not all it's cracked up to be

"Shangri-La, indeed. The planet was a cemetery circling a sun."

A Swarm of Mermaids Christie McCreadie (fiction speculative)
-after facing mermaids, a dragon, and fear itself, a Guardian Angel gets his license
"I know what to do! Suddenly I know what to do.
What has Gabriel always told me? In the long darkness,
turn to God for help."

Useless Meetings Ivy Reisner (fiction fantasy)
-in the format of a series of memorandum, Satan and his co-horts make a hilarious attempt to shake up humans

"To: Beelzebub
From: Satan
Re: Ill will
Explain how this useless meetings concept can
engender ill will. I’m out of Hell this week, overseeing the Battle at Thermopli. I’ll returnon Monday. Get Mephistopheles to help you.

DKA is a free 'zine run by the non-profit Double-Edged Publishing
In 2007 they would like to raise enough money to pay more for accepted submissions and they would like to produce a print version of each month's 'zine.
You can support them through donation and by purchase of items from the DKA store.

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Becky said...

What an excellent post! This makes all those stories so accessible. Great job!


Frank Creed said...

I know Ivy's Useless Meetings is a favorite of yours. Great selected qotes from this month's issue, and this one made me smile.

I love the perspective that first-person allows. My own favorite is "Shangri-La, indeed. The planet was a cemetery circling a sun."--from "An Epitaph For Shangri-La", by George L Duncan.

Frank Creed
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Scriptorius Rex said...

DKA is a Very Good Thing. I'm glad to see it get this attention.