Day 3: BLOG Tour featuring R.K. Mortenson

Should one judge a book by its cover? perish the thought!
And, apparently, few book buyers are swayed by cover art:

On average, a bookstore browser spends 8 seconds looking at the front cover, and another 15 seconds scanning the back cover. This isn’t much time to make a sale, so you should pay close attention to making your text stand out and be read quickly and easily (apparently, universal advice given to authors)

I would argue that in the case of the Landon Snow series by R.K. Mortenson, the cover art alone will lure a child (or in this case, an adult) into opening the door onto what must surely be a fabulously rich world of fantasy. The bas-relief of the borders, the draping folds and calligraphy are reminiscent of the Illuminations of miniaturists in 15th century France. The naively rendered figures seem to be lured through the borders into the fantasy world of Landon Snow. How 'enchanting' for young readers!

From all accounts, the stories beyond these lovely covers, do not leave children disappointed. The adventures of Landon Snow immerse the reader in a make-believe world of fantasy where the characters rely on hope and faith instead of the gray world of magic to bring their tales to a satisfying conclusion.

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Daniel I Weaver said...

Cynthia, you are so right. The cover art on these books is amazing. In fact, one of my posts during this tour was in regards to this as well. I called it... the "wow" factor.

God bless,
Daniel I Weaver

R. K. Mortenson said...

Thanks, Cynthia! I have to say, one of the greatest moments for me in the publishing process was when I first saw the initial cover design and artwork for Auctor's Riddle. Landon Snow could not have been more beautifully and perfectly "packaged." I feel very blessed.