Podcast Interview with Susan Kirkland

Tonight, we talk with Susan Kirkland, whose story "Fair Balance" appears in "Light at the Edge of Darkness" (which includes stories from yours truly and many other more talented writers). Andrea co-hosts and the three of us have a friendly conversation, but it all comes back to what the shows about: hope for our nation. Tonight's focus shifts from politics to the arts, but I think you'll like the results:

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Grace Bridges said...

Lovely to hear you all! Y'all talk so cute, like in the movies :) Thanks for letting us listen in to your conversation.

Susan said...

LOL! I was actually trying not to sound too southern! Oh well!

cyn said...

I enjoyed your interview Susan. You sounded confident and knowledgeable. I was actually surprised that your southern accent was so discrete! "Ah, a most cultured southern accent" I said to my Scott. We did like "horra" though and kept our fingers crossed in hopes you'd repeat it.

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