Day 3 of the Flashpoint Tour

Final day of the virtual book tour for Frank Creed's FLASHPOINT: Book One of the UNDERGROUND is upon us and it has been a fun ride. I've read some pretty impressive posts from readers of Flashpoint, and today is no exception. As usual, I have listed the day's highlights (and there are links attached to each; just run your cursor over each highlight to find the link).

Below the highlights, a fun Frank Creed video (editing is purposely cheesy).


"Flashpoint: Action Heroes without a License to Kill," is the name of Terri Main's article at Wayfarer's Journal.

Murray T. Alchemist is at it again at Back to the Mountains with the latest installment: Stopping a Goliath Part II.

"Frank Creed is one of my favorite people. He has a heart for God and is, in my opinion, one of a new generation of spiritual warriors," writes MaryLu Tundall at her blog Cross and Cutlass. MaryLu's post today is all about Frank: his bio, which is fascinating in itself.

Cathi Hassan and Frank Creed have had many conversations over the past couple of months about writing Flashpoint. Her blog post yesterday was a compilation of all of these creatively packaged as an interview. I even learned from reading it!
And, then today at Cathi's Chatter, another post: "Meet Legacy." Here we read Chapter 2 of Flashpoint where Legacy, almost everyone's favorite character, makes his entrance.

Timothy Hicks has three great posts at Fantasy Thyme. His last discussion about Flashpoint gives insight into the novel's strengths.

Christine Deanne has posted the interview she did with Frank Creed at Write and Whine.

Remember, comment on any of the participating blogs on tour and your name will be entered for a prize--plus, I encourage you to show each blogger appreciation for their work!

Some more links to check out:
a. Reviews
Stephen Rice's review of Flashpoint: Book One of the UNDERGROUND, "Crouching Matrix, Hidden Christians."
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Daniel I Weaver
Disturbing Reviews
Grace Bridges
Virtual Tour de 'Net
Christian Fiction Review Blog
Yellow30 Sci-Fi
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More reviews at Frank Creed's website and at Amazon

b. Interviews

Wayfarer's Journal
Joseph Ficor
"The Farthest Frontiers"
Yellow30 Sci-Fi
Fantasy Thyme
The Stiltskins
Write and Whine

And, here is a video for your viewing pleasure . . .

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