Flashpoint Virtual Book Tour Day 1

It's time to begin Frank Creed's FLASHPOINT: Book One of the UNDERGROUND virtual book tour! and over the course of the tour there are a LOT of things to show you: reviews, blurbs, book trailers, interviews and some really fun posts by some super creative minds!

We even have a prize package for the winner of the Flashpoint tour drawing! How to win it? Simply leave a comment on one or more of the participating blogs . . . or leave one here telling about your favourite blog post!

<----- oops, wrong prize - -
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OK, it may arrive in different wrapping

Meanwhile, here are some highlights to check out:
Hoshi to Sakura Interview with Frank
Back to the Mountains Some craziness only Steve Rice is capable of: here he has a real surprise! but make sure you read the conversation carefully . . .
Fantasy Thyme Tim at Thyme got a head start and has already made a couple of posts! including yet another interview with Frank.
Cathi's Chatter Cathi is a one-person cheerleading squad who has sent the Dallas Cowgirls back to training camp. Oh yes she has a review posted, plus some hip hip hooray stuff for y'all.
Back to the Mountains II Yup, Mr. Rice is at it again! with the "Genuine Fake Interview" --again, read very carefully . . . . . . . . . . did you get it? This is cool stuff.
MaryLu Tyndall one of Frank's all-time favourite authors joins the tour with some good info on Flashpoint

Over the course of this tour: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday check out these blogs to see what is happenin'

Write and Whine
Wayfarer's Journal
BlogCritics Interview
Daniel I Weaver
Disturbing the Universe

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Frank Creed said...

Thanks to all who've given their time for this.

Special thanks to Joseph Ficor, Stephen L. Rice, Timothy Hicks, Sue Dent, Chris Deanne, Terri Main, Cathi Hassan, Cynthia MaCkinninon, MaryLu Tyndall--still can't believe it.