Biblical Spec Fic and Reality

My grandchildren are homeschooled and recently started reading through the New Testament together. In the first chapter of Matthew they recognized some of the names in the genealogies because of time spent in the Old Testament. But then came the story of Mary, the angel, conception by the Holy Spirit, Joseph's desire as a righteous man to put her aside—and plenty of conversation among the kids and their parents. However, the conversation was within the context of Scripture and edifying all the way around.

After chapter one, the unveiling of truth continued on a new level for their young minds. Learning details about Herod and his desperate attempt to eliminate Jesus and the slaughter of the males under the age of two raised more questions about why this man would take these lives in his cruel quest to hold on to earthly power. They even learned about how Jesus' move to Nazareth fulfilled Scripture.

I could go on, but there's no need. The reason I bring this up is the fact that in just these first few chapters we see sexual relations discussed, angelic beings appearing, God's hand moving in the lives of people, Herod's attempt to thwart God's plan, the slaughter of innocents, and prophecy fulfilled. When fussy publishers choose to ignore Biblical Spec Fic because they think it too dark or worldly—I remind them. We live in the world. Just like Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Herod, the wise men…. Why not publish Christian Speculative Fiction that makes a difference because it connects with reality?


Sue Dent said...

Why not publish Christian Speculative Fiction that makes a difference because it connects with reality?

I suspect it's because the publishers who most writers are turning to publish this sort of story, serve a niche market that doesn't like this kind of writing. They could actually loose money if they took a chance!

Becuase of this, most other publishers(and readers) have a bad taste for anything tagged "Christian." They don't even dig further to see that this isn't the niche market writing that CBA and ECPA turn out. :(

It be a tough row to hoe.

Yeah, I said hoe! LOL

*waves at Donna*

Donna Sundblad said...

LOL- hoe.

I recently submitted a book to a non-Christian publisher as spec fic. We'll see what happens with that. :)


Sue Dent said...

Now, now Donna. Didn't you mean non-CBA market. Don't make me come over there and straigten you out now. *senses Donna shaking in her shoes, should she be wearing any.)