Renewing your sense of wonder

This week, God captured my attention.
My wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by taking an overnight trip to Helen, GA. For those not familiar with the area, it’s a small town tucked away in the north Georgia mountains (about a two-and-a-half hour drive for us). The entire town centers on this Bavarian theme, with all of the businesses (even the Wendy’s!) designed to externally resemble old Germany.
Although the architectural theme is very cool, the splendor and majesty of the mountain landscape took my breath away. The view from our hotel balcony was nothing short of amazing, particularly during sunrise. It was the sort of view that you cannot behold without praising and worshipping God for the beauty of His creation. As I looked out upon His handiwork, I couldn’t help being overwhelmed at just how skilled an artist He truly is. Consequentially, I found that God had revived something in me that, unfortunately, doesn’t get stirred enough: Wonder.
When was the last time you felt that? How often do we get so wrapped up in the breakneck pace of life that we miss out on that sense of wonder? I honestly believe that God intends for us to experience that on a regular basis. This is especially true for those of us who consider ourselves to be writers or any other kind of artist. How can we do justice to the creative gifts with which God has blessed us if we fail to appreciate the wonders of His creation?
Taking a trip to some tranquil setting certainly helps to filter out some of the distractions, but we can do it without the drive if we know where to look. Here are some ideas of ways that God can spark your sense of wonder:
· Read what the Word has to say about His creation. Psalm 104 is highly recommended.
· Find a few minutes to pause from your busy schedule and just look at God’s handiwork around you. Ask yourself the question, “Could this have happened by chance, or did there have to be a Creator?” Yes, we know the answer, but we take it for granted.
· Take some time to play with a child. The more imagination the child has, the better. Let their God-given sense of wonder rub off on you.
· We’re writers, right? OK then, write down what you see in nature. Be descriptive. Using our God-given ability in that way forces us to reflect on His workmanship and deepens our appreciation for it.Above all, praise God for how amazing and awesome His creation is!


TWCP Authors said...

Wonder/ful post Stoney.

It made me realize how seldom I do take the time to look around. In fact, it is difficult for me to recall the last time I felt that sense of awe.

Thank you for the reminder!


Anonymous said...

A lot of Christians have amputated and excised their sense of wonder. In its place, they have Young Earth Creationism, Doctrine, End of the World, Culture War, Church Activities 7 days/nights a week, and ScriptureScriptureScripture (TM!).

Result: As much sense of wonder as an Arab who had the entire Koran beaten into him by age 5 at the madrassa. ("IT IS WRITTEN! IT IS WRITTEN! IT IS WRITTEN!")

Sitting in a filthy stable while all the wonders of Aslan's Land lie just outside the door...