Contests and Freebies

Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr entered the first chapter of a new novel into a "first chapter contest" at the Dead Robot Society, and they won! You can read the first chapter up at the contest site.

Mike Lynch also has a short story nominated in the Preditors & Editors Poll for 2008. The story, Beyond Horizon's Edge, is posted here. Have a read, and vote if you like it!

The Preditors & Editors Poll also lists a number of entries by other Christian writers, including Lost Genre Guild members. You can also vote for any unlisted title by typing it into the appropriate category. Let's support our favourites... Here's what Cynthia said:
I nominated Steve Rice's League of Superheroes for the Preditors & editors poll (science fiction).

If you've read and liked the book, please consider voting for LoS.

I've also nominated Karina Fabian's Leaps of Faith in anthologies

AND, the Lost Genre Guild's bulletin board (yeah, I know it's new but is growing by leaps and bounds, mostly thanks to Terri Main!), for Writers Forums


Karina Fabian has released the January 2009 edition of the Dragon Eye, P.I. newsletter "Dragon Eye View". You need to be registered and logged in to access it. Contents include: How Karina came up with the concept--Vern rants against preconceived notions--A little about the Faerie world--Events and special offers.

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Good luck and God bless for the contest. Thanks for sharing those links with us. I will check those links to vote who I am want.