Stuff to read - Sci-fi ezines galore!

Wayfarer's Journal has a new edition out and includes the following stories: Code Seven by Karina and Robert Fabian, The Death Experiment by Vincent Scarsella, Blueprints by A. G. Elrod; plus new poetry by Cindy Emmet Smith and Jack Willard. Also look out for Brandon Barr's essay The Masters: Walter Miller.

Then, just in case you missed it, there's Issue 49 of Raygun Revival with the usual wide range of stories from many authors.

And Frank Creed takes you behind the scenes for a personal introduction to Adam and Andrea Graham, publishers of the Laser & Sword ezine.

I reckon these folks deserve a rousing round of applause for all their hard work putting together these amazing collections of terrific stories for the reading public. Yay for ezines!

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