Andra Marquardt says: My novella A Reason to Hope is now available on Kindle at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00213K6JY. For other electronic options including the first 10 pages for free: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1412

Donna Sundblad says: Just wanted to share that my YA fantasy novel, Beyond the Fifth Gate, received a 4 Star Review at Teens Read Too! You can read it here:

Marcher Lord Press is poised to release its second list of Christian speculative novels. The excitement has been growing as the time left on the countdown clock has been dwindling. And now we're just hours away from launch. MLP's second season has received unprecedented pre-release coverage. Library Journal, one of the publishing industry's top 2 magazines--and the most influential magazine for library book orders--has mentioned Marcher Lord Press in its April 1 issue. And not just one mention, either. Nor two. But three mentions in one issue. This is almost incomprehensible for any Christian publishing company, but it's all but impossible for a small press in its second season. One of these mentions is a review for By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson, one of the three titles in the season 2 list. Library Journal calls By Darkness Hid a "thoroughly entertaining and smart tale" and gives it the coveted "highly recommended" stamp of approval. Incredible. Advance praise continues to come in for the other books in the second list as well. Christian fantasy novelist Donita K. Paul says of Starfire by Stuart Vaughn Stockton: "I was thoroughly enmeshed in this out-of-this-world world!" And an early reader of Dark Man by Marc Schooley calls it simply "Amazing!"
Are you ready for these books? They're every inch as exciting as the launch list--and the covers are every bit as beautiful. As a fan of Christian speculative fiction, you'll want all three of these titles on your shelf. They're coming on April 1. No foolin'! Keep your eye on the Marcher Lord Press store!

Karina Fabian says: I'm pleased to announce the Magic, Mensa and Mayhem book tour starts April 1! I have 40-some stops over 30 days covering blogs, podcasts, SecondLife and Twitter. You can find the schedule on www.dragoneyepi.net or www.fabianspace.com. Drop by a couple of the blogs on that day and read the interviews with me or my main character, Vern, the guest posts on everything from writing funny to developing my world, and enjoy yourself. I'm also having a contest for those who purchase the book. I'll have 10 trivia questions posted at my DragonEye, PI website, and will take answers through May 15. The ones with the correct answers will go into a drawing to get the next DragonEye, PI book, Live and Let Fly, for free.

And for writers, Andrea Graham has posted a great article called Still Life of an Adrenaline Rush.

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