Marcher Lord Press announces new releases

Jeff Gerke says: The New Books Are Here!
By Darkness Hid Cover
After the success of our inaugural list of Christian speculative novels, Marcher Lord Press is proud to announce the release of its second list.
By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson is a thrilling fantasy about a young hero and heroine who are discovering their abilities to "bloodvoice"--to communicate telepathically.
It is a land literally divided into Darkness and Light, and mystery surrounds both sides. Achan, a young stray (worse than a slave) is hearing strange voices in his head, and Vrell, a girl disguising herself as a boy to avoid a forced marriage, is trying to learn to block out the voices pressing into her mind.
Meanwhile, strong men with foul agendas seek them both. And a strange new voice, higher than them all, calls to Achan. Deceptions will be unveiled, foes will be found out, and identities long hidden will be exposed. No longer will they be...By Darkness Hid.
Library Journal calls By Darkness Hid a "thoroughly entertaining and smart tale" and gives it the coveted "highly recommended" stamp of approval.
Starfire Cover
Starfire by Stuart Vaughn Stockton is as original as it is alien. This science fiction thriller takes you to a world where saurians--dinosaur-like beings who speak and use advanced technolgoy--wage war against one another and seek to control devastating weaponry left over by an ancient civilization.
Rathe is a saurn from a low caste, whose only hope of bettering himself is through the combat ring. On his first mission with his new military squad, he is thrust in the middle of a destiny larger than he could ever imagine.
Torn between his desire to protect a small saurin in his charge and the counsel of a prophet representing a God he doesn't believe in, Rathe is forced to make a horrible choice, one in which he will cause suffering no matter what he chooses.
Starfire is utterly unpredictable and irresistably engaging. As Christian fantasy novelist Donita K. Paul says, "I was thoroughly enmeshed in this out-of-this-world world!"
The Dark Man CoverThe Dark Man by Marc Schooley is difficult to classify. It is equal parts near-future adventure, dystopian America, spiritual and psychological thriller, and romantic espionage spy drama.
And also helicopter gunships. And a building that talks. And a screaming banshee. Plus bombs, disguises, Ferris wheels, and a mysterious wooden puzzle box.
It's a Christian Twilight Zone that is impossible to put down--or forget.
Charles Graves is a master of disguise who infiltrates the final cells of the underground church--and brings them down. But this futuristic Saul of Tarsus has his own Damascus Road experience, and suddenly he must help the very ones he sought to exterminate.
If only his dead brother would leave him alone. And the talking wood-block puzzle.
The Dark Man is intense psychodrama with masterful writing and deep Christian thoughtfulness.
By the time you read this, all three of these incredible new novels will be available for purchase.
BONUS: If you buy one or more of these books within the first week of April, you will receive a free download of the PDF versions of the book(s) you purchased. While you're waiting for the novels to arrive in your mailbox, you can begin reading them right away. And when the hard copies actually arrive with their beautiful covers, you'll want to crack them open and read them all over again!

I know that you and your fellow fans will understand that the divinely ordained timing of the adoption of our precious special needs daughter has slightly impacted the ship dates of the new Marcher Lord Press books. But you'll still be able to enjoy them on April 1. Read the trip journal here.

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