Let's celebrate

Let's celebrate with R.L. Copple the release of his new novel, Transforming Realities, available now at this link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0981926118. When Sisko refuses the demon Beltrid's request to use his miracle-producing ring for selfish purposes, Sisko's world is turned upside down. Trapping Sisko's wife, Gabrielle, inside the "Crystal of Virtues," Beltrid sends Sisko and his two teenage children, Nathan and Kaylee, on a journey to find seven virtues that will free her. Simple? Not when a demon is involved. The trip takes several twists and turns leading to a showdown at the steam house where it all started. They discover that the reality of the ring transcends healing sicknesses-they discover a transforming reality.

Fred Warren says: My short story, "Our Lady of Chagrin," is now out in Beyond Centauri #24. Beyond Centauri is a a print magazine of fantasy, science fiction, and "ewww-gross" for younger readers or anyone young at heart, and features fiction, poetry, articles, puzzles, art/illustrations, and movie reviews. My story, a tale of friendship and magic on a river in the Ohio woodlands, falls into the `fantasy' category. Pick up a copy or subscribe at http://www.genremall.com/zinesr.htm. I've also got another story coming out online at Brain Harvest magazine (http://www.brainharvestmag.com) tomorrow. "The Time-Share" is a darker story than I usually write, about crime, punishment, and the meaning of justice, set in a bleak future with brutally-simple legal system enabled by a frightening technology.

Peter J. Dudek says: I'm going to be adding weekly webcasts to my website www.forsakenkingdom.net to try to help with promotion. I've also added a shameless one-liner that should get the sales rolling in! Feel free to check out the updates.

Kronos Cover Jeremy Robinson says: Get KRONOS for free - The Podcast Novel Arrives!
For months I have been talking about the podcast novel version of Kronos. Well, it's finally here and the first six episodes are available for download from podiobooks.com. While you're there sign up for a subscription and get the next bunch of episodes as soon as they come out. Be sure to rate the book (5 stars please) and forward this to anyone you know who enjoys podcasts or audiobooks. The book is being narrated by Jeff Kafer, 2008 Voicey Award winner for Best New Voice, so you know it's good listening, and the story isn't half-bad either.

If you are a podcaster, know a podcaster, run a blog or frequent facebook, myspace or Twitter, feel free to download or link to this super cool audio spot for the podcast.

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