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Scott M. Sandridge announces:

Columbus, OH – April 7, 2009, 2009 – Scott M. Sandridge launches a dark heroic fantasy story in podcast novel format: "The Silverblade Prophecy - Book I of The Messiahs War Trilogy." Mr. Sandridge first developed the overall story while writing short stories and selling them to "The Sword Review" and "Dragons, Knights, and Angels." He at first envisioned a collection of related but separate short stories, but as he worked on it, it began to morph into a complete novel and then a trilogy.

A blend of dark fantasy and heroic fantasy, Sandridge delivers a story epic in scope. Throughout Pankea's history, messiahs have come and gone, and many have failed. Marian Silverblade seeks to fulfill her prophetic birthright, but her fallen ancestor has other plans. She will need help from the most unlikely allies to succeed, but before they can help her fulfill the prophecy they must first learn to work together.

Of the short stories that were merged into the novel, "Tangent Online" reviewer, Nicole McClain, said, "…there is enough mayhem to keep things interesting." And Donna Watkins said, "Sandridge digs deep and gives the reader prose and plot worth chewing on." Locus Award-winning author, Paul Levinson ("The Silk Code" and "The Plot to Save Socrates") says of Mr. Sandridge, "Scott is a brilliant up-and-coming author...I expect great things from him." And ELFIE award-winning author Frank Creed ("Flashpoint") says, "Scott's reputation in the Christian speculative fiction market is iron-clad and passionate."

The podcast novel can be found at http://silverblade.mypodcast.com and at http://pankea.wordpress.com and can be downloaded onto your computer or iPod.

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