Mission Statement

Let's not forget what we're here for, folks - time for a revisit of our mission statement:

The Lost Genre Guild

For Christian Speculative Fiction

One Tiny Cell In the Body of Christ

Mission Statement & Purpose

The Lost Genre Guild's mission is to raise the awareness and respect for Biblical speculative fiction, and to encourage, educate and support the writers of such fiction.

Our Vision . . .

Welcome to the literary home for artists, editors, agents, promoters, and fans of Christian sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural thrillers. Spec-fic is the best selling secular genre, but few Christian authors have been connecting with fans. Demographics show that many Christian genre fans are online. The Lost Genre Guild's been laying infrastructure for Viral Marketing, or, word-of-mouth buzz to promote our lost genre.

We're a tiny cell in the Body of Christ for other writers or groups to plug-into, for networking and teamwork for the Boss' glory.

We've been privately developing some hi-tech toys, like podcasting audio files & shows, virtual-reality meetings in secondlife.com at:

Terri Marathon's Town Square: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_world

The Lost Genre Guild has also been publicly promoting through the Latest in Spec newsletter, CFBA, CSSF, CFRB, Speculative Faith, and the Lost Genre Guild blog. Check out the discussion boards & forums at arjaybb.com, wherethemapends.com, doubleedgedpublishing.com's project page, and http://www.christianscififantasycentral.com/

Some links and places of interest related to the Lost Genre Guild

First is our private Yahoo group. If you'd like to join this list, let me know and I can send you an invite. The list can be crazy-busy with great email discussions and at other times slow. You can receive the emails in one of two ways: individual emails or the daily digest. Choose the best option for you at the Yahoo group page once you've been added.

Lost Genre Guild official website at lostgenreguild.com where you'll find links to LGG members' books (Bookshelves), the most recent LGG catalogue of fiction and resources, etc.

The Guild Review: an editorial review site for Christian and Biblical speculative fiction only.

The guild mentor and critique forums at lostgenreguild.com/phpBB3

The LGG blog at blog.lostgenreguild.com where industry news is posted several times per week, with the focus on guild members. You can signup to receive updates in your email box.

We have groups at both Shoutlife.com and MySpace.com

You may also like to signup for Frank Creed's Underground newsletter/ ezine (6 times per year): got to Frankcreed.com and there is a link on the front page (you can read the archived issues). It is filled with industry information, articles, writing tips, etc.


The number-one reason people buy books is because they're recommended by family or friends. Publishers know the market is out there, which is why publishers have now been throwing the dice on spec-fic. Publisher's traditional shotgun marketing isn't hitting the target market.


Christian genre fans gave-up on Christian bookstore shelves. Shotgun marketing aims inside the box, and our readership isn't in the box. Nobody home. According to the 80-20 rule of marketing, 80% of sales comes from 20% of efforts. The trick is identifying and focusing on that 20%.

If we work as the Body of Christ, each contributing with our talents, His will shall be done for our genre.


Frank Creed

novelist, manuscript critique, and founder of the Lost Genre Guild





War of Attrition: Book Two of the Underground

Into the Underground: The Role Playing Game

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