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Peter J. Grant says: I've put up the first six chapters of my current military SF novel, and
linked to it on my blog, asking my readers to take a look and comment as
they see fit. I'd be grateful for your input. Thanks in advance. You'll find the
book at this link - Introduction to Ensign Bowles.

Check out this new review by Frank Creed:
The Christian H.P. Lovecraft: Michael Vance’s Weird Horror Tales

And this one by Grace Bridges:
Feast for the Soul: Transforming Realities by R.L. Copple

And Jeremy Robinson's cranking up a huge contest with amazing book prizes:
The PULSE Viral Video Contest

Star Ship Sofa presents:
Complete podcasts of Nebula Best Short Story Nominees 2008

Mindflights Magazine presents:
Wakescape by Audrey E. Marquis
Ryan lives in a society based on three commandments: 1) Feel what is good. Subdue what is negative. 2) You may excel inasmuch as you do not displease other members. 3) Love yourself enough to be without discomfort. Then he meets someone who challenges this way of life.

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