News for May 11th 2009

Iron Dragons by Derek Gilbert was published last November as a free "podiobook", an audio book delivered as a podcast, at Podiobooks.com. The average listener rating at Podiobooks and the iTunes Music Store is 4-1/2 stars out of 5. The audio book also received an Honorable Mention in the 2008 Podiobooks.com Founder's Choice Awards for best podiobooks of the year.
User comments at Podiobooks.com (http://www.podiobooks.com/blog/2008/10/13/iron-dragons-book-1-the-saramond-quests/) and the iTunes Music Store include:
  • I really enjoyed this story - Normally I am a Sci Fi fan but I really got into this one. To my surprise and pleasure the author has managed to successfully mix fantasy and Sci Fi technology.
  • I was stumped half way through the tale by the intrusion of Sci-fi on what I originally and completely considered to be a classic fantasy story, but I have to say even though it was a surprise it wasn’t handled badly at all. ... The characters are vibrant and realistic, the pace is good, and for the most part the story is engaging.
  • Interesting first person details on the story telling, with great characters and a great story plot. Highly recommend this story.
Check it out at: http://www.podiobooks.com/title/iron-dragons/

Cathi-Lyn Dyck has posted a fascinating article called Random Thoughts on Christian Fantasy. Great reading for authors and fans.

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Wind Follower by Carole McDonnell

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