News for May 15th 2009

In member news: Flashpoint by Frank Creed has reached the #1 spot in its category on Amazon, blazing past Peretti, Jenkins, Dekker and, well, everyone else! Check its current status here - or view the whole screenshot here!

Read the brand new press release at Christian Newswire! "I nearly fell off my chair..." ~ Creed

While you're at it, check out this new review of Flashpoint:
"An adrenaline infused, roller-coaster ride into a future where a belief can cost you a brain-washing and even your life, this science-fiction novel reminds me most of the best of the "Indiana Jones" movies in its pacing and level of excitement."~Michael G. Lail

The Dark Man by Marc Schooley - Reviewed by Eric Wilson: "In the middle of this Ted-Dekker-type action, Schooley engages our hearts with some relational moments, and our minds with some sly, often humorous, jabs about politics and faith."

Reposted at Splashdown Reviews:
Raising the Past by Jeremy Robinson
The Restorer by Sharon Hinck

News from member Paulette Harris:
This was a book signing in Denver, Colorado for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson and LeAnn Thieman. These book series sell well over 33,000 each time one comes out. In this case, it was Living Catholic Faith.

Talk about faith. I wrote a story about a miscarried son of Jim and mine. I submitted it three years ago to Guidepost and the story was loved by the editor but the newly hired Jr. editor didn't think it quite fit. I put it in the file drawer and continued on my third novel at the time.

Then, last fall out of the blue, the editor and publisher called me for a contract on this story! I did not ever send this story out to them for consideration, I asked them where they had gotten wind of this and they said they didn't know! Just that they had a copy and wanted to know if I was the author. Well, of course I signed a contract because this publishing company has far more reaching (international) buyers than the previous so I consider this pretty much a miracle and an answer to my writing. One thing I learned.....trust God more that he is in control of my writing and where it goes! And...to keep writing.

Pictured above: LeAnn Thieman, Nancy Noonan, Shirley Dino, Ben Lager, Linda Osmundson, Helen Colella and Paulette Harris of the LGG (front right)

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Frank Creed said...

I just love this news format.
Number one ranking. Unreal. Everyone else must have had a slow day!