Review Roundup for May 2009, Part 2

Bone Walk - The Journey of Thomas Shepard, by Kevin Howe - Thomas' simple life of ledgers and grain counts is shattered when mysterious objects of great beauty start appearing in his small nearly forgotten medieval village of Eden.

The Light of Eidon - Legends of the Guardian-King, Book 1, by Karen Hancock - the high powers have other plans for young Abramm before he can take his vows in the holy order of the Mataio. He’s kidnaped and sold into slavery by his own brother, not to mention the duplicity of the very high priests of Abramm’s order. Accompanied into slavery with the captain of the king’s guard, Abramm survives his captivity under the banner of the Black Moon.

Rise of the Dibor - The White Lion Chronicles, Book One, by Christopher Hopper - “What if Adam and Eve had never sinned? What if mankind knew no wrong? Would we still have an enemy?” Hopper answers that question with an emphatic yes!

Mason’s Link, by Bill Andrews - what if we discovered a way in which to converse daily with a departed loved one who is in Heaven, and to talk with that person about whatever in Heaven we wanted to know?

Hierath, by Joanne Hall - the type of book that grabs you and won’t let you put it down until you’re done, even if it means burning some midnight oil.

Mars Threat Assessment by James Armentrout - a fast paced, race against time, thriller, set on the far away Red Planet some 50 plus years into the future.

The Star Phoenix, by David L. Brown - SF not only gives its readers glimpses of futures that are fascinating, but also provides warnings of futures we need to avoid. This is one of the "warning" novels, the "if this goes on" story being interspersed with historical notes from our near-future showing likely outcomes of global warming and other trends we ignore now at our peril.

Tau 4, by V. J. Waks - The perfect killing machine. That’s what the Homeworld Alliance wants in their war against the Outworlds. But the perfect killing machine in this case is made of flesh and blood.

Child of Light, by Diane Bentley Barker - an entertaining story of a young woman’s passion for color, particularly her obsession for the secrets of the color purple. Poma’s search for the color purple entwines her in the lives and times of those with whom she travels.

The Elf King by Jude Hatcher Bangs - The Elf King is a story about a boy named Kai who happens to be heir to the Elven throne, although he doesn’t know it at the time.

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