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Today's post comes from Jeff Gerke:

I'm excited to report that the second release list of MLP titles is selling very well. The "highly recommended" review of By Darkness Hid in Library Journal has really helped.
I have a contract under review by an agent for what may become the first acquired novel for list 3. Always moving forward!
I've got a very fun sales event and bonus content planned for June 8. It's your first sneak peek at a future MLP novel that hasn't even been officially announced yet.
Read on to find out more.
Jeff Gerke
Your First Look at the Sequel to Hero, Second Class
One of the best-selling Marcher Lord Press titles of all time (in all 8 months of MLP history, that is) is Mitchell Bonds's comic fantasy Hero, Second Class.
Now, through the magic of hard drives and the cleverness of assorted monkeys, Marcher Lord Press is pleased to bring you your first glimpse at Mitchell's sequel.
Hero, Second Class"The Istaka Passage" is a 10,500-word-long set of scenes that was actually a subplot originally written for Hero, Second Class. We had to cut it due to wordcount considerations.
And now Mitchell has retooled it to fit in the second book of The Hero Complex series.
Travel with Sir Reginald (our hero's mentor) as he encounters a tribe of wolf-like humanoids called Istaka. Reg discovers a love triangle, forbidden romance, inter-tribal dominance, and a wimpy "Omega wolf" who is about as far away from being an Alpha male as he can be. But Reg is willing to train him to fight, if the pup is willing to learn.
Whether you loved Hero, Second Class and will jump at the chance to enter that world again or you're just curious to see what all the high praise is about, delve into The Hero Complex by downloading "The Istaka Passage."
How do you get it, you ask? Easy. I'm offering it for free download to anyone who purchases any Marcher Lord Press product on Monday, June 8.
That's right, all you have to do is go to www.MarcherLordPress.com or Amazon and buy any MLP product--print book or e-book, fiction or nonfiction, T-shirt or mouse pad--and you'll receive "The Istaka Passage" for free.
I haven't even officially announced that there will be a sequel to Hero, Second Class, and you'll already be reading a portion of it!
If you purchase from the MLP site on the 8th, I'll send you the link to your file download automatically. If you purchase from Amazon you'll need to send me the receipt you receive from Amazon so I can see that you purchased it on the day. (Be sure to remove any credit card data before sending it to me.)
See you on June 8!

Great Praise for Jeff's New Craft Book
In May I released The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction, and it has come out of the gate selling very well. It's receiving high praise from members of ACFW and my peers among Christian novelists.
The Art & Craft of Writing Christian FictionThe Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction is pretty much my entire school of thought regarding how Christian fiction ought to be written.
Here's what Tosca Lee, Christian novelist and silver medalist in the Foreword magazine Book of the Year Award competition says about it:
"Everything you need to know about writing for the Christian market from a man who has seen every angle of the business. From the practical nuts and bolts of technique to sage words on the motive for writing at all, Jeff Gerke packs it all into The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction. Want to break into the Christian fiction market? You need this book."

If you're intrigued, why not make The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction one of the MLP products you purchase on June 8 to get your free download of "The Istaka Passage"?

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