News for October 21st, 2009

There's a new source for short stories in the Lost Genre - it has been up and running for several weeks now. From the creative team around Jeff Gerke at Marcher Lord Press and Where The Map Ends, we now have Anomalous Fiction. I believe it is still in beta, but all you writers be sure and take a look at this new and different concept. My apologies for not bringing it to your attention sooner - I'm now in deepest darkest Bavaria!

There's an interview and giveaway with Steve Rsaza, author of the new book The Word Reclaimed, at Jenniffer Allee's blog. The giveaway will be drawn this Friday so don't delay!

And check out Greg Mitchell's thoughtful and in-depth look at the question "Christian Horror - is that even possible?" at his blog, The Coming Evil.

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