News for November 25th, 2009

A Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz, reviewed by Cathi-Lyn Dyck at Scita > Scienda: "A Star Curiously Singing resonates with me the way Asimov did. Its social issues are carefully considered, informing the sci-fi plot."

And here are the latest additions to Mindflights magazine:

You, in a Microscope
by Megan Arkenberg
Poetry - Science Fiction

Cloning saved your hair, perfect in its not-brown-not-blond color and the way it curls at the edges...

Ping by Ellie Tupper
Fiction - Fantasy
A young patriot wants only to save her country from tyranny, and finds inspiration in the simplest of objects...

The Elf King Waits by Rosalind Casey (Student)
Poetry - Fantasy
In the Hall of Mirrors...

The Artist by Kat Heckenbach
Fiction - Fantasy
Everyone has a Talent—it just takes the right circumstances to draw it out.

Shinkyo Bridge
by John Albers
Fiction - Fantasy
The legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi returns in this tale of crossed swords with the denizens of hell.

AutoAvis - A Poem of A Paradise Lost by R. J. Walker Miller
Poetry - Science Fiction
Once lost, the gifts of God can never quite be replicated.

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