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From Jeff Gerke:

Greetings, faithful fan of Christian speculative fiction!
Two fun announcements today.
First, in the United States this Thursday is Thanksgiving. I hope your turkey day is incredible (and that the Dallas Cowboys are most triumphant). The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday and is the busiest shopping day of the year.
Marcher Lord Press is taking advantage of the occasion by having our annual Black Friday Sale. From this Friday through the following Sunday (November 27-29, 2009), anyone who purchases a print book from the Marcher Lord Press Store will receive an exclusive free download...
The first four chapters of the not-yet-officially-announced novel To Darkness Fled, the sequel to MLP's bestselling novel, By Darkness Hid, the epic fantasy by Jill Williamson.
You knew a sequel was coming, but now you can read the first ~40 pages of it five months before it releases, in April 2010!
All you have to do is buy one of our nine novels (or our 1 non-fiction title, The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction) during those dates and you can receive this exclusive sneak peak.
The second fun announcement is that Marcher Lord Select is entering its second phase of voting over this same weekend.
Beginning on Saturday and ending on Monday (November 28-30, 2009), you can come join the acquisitions experiment in which you are on my editorial board and get to tell me which Christian speculative novel I should publish next through Marcher Lord Press.
In Phase 1 we had nearly 80 authors participating in this American Idol-style competition. Thirty-six of those were in the primary contest, the winner of which will be published in the Spring 2010 list. The remaining authors were in the premise-only contest, the 3 winners of which will receive prioritized acquisitions attention from me.
We held the Phase 1 voting two weeks ago and had tremendous voter turnout.
But now in Phase 2 things are getting more serious--and we need your help! Come read the first 500 words of each of the remaining 18 entrants in the primary contest. Come choose 3-6 of them to vote for--the top 8 will advance to Phase 3.
I know you love Christian speculative fiction. Come see these Christian speculative novels in their pre-published form...and have a voice in which one gets published.
Join the fun here. Look for the words "Marcher Lord Select."
I'll see you at the Marcher Lord Press store on Black Friday!
Jeff Gerke

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