Call for Submissions: Short Stories

Port Yonder Press is currently seeking submissions for the following Anthologies:

SeaBeast Anthology: Tales from the Deepest Seas, Volume 1
What happens during a modern day meeting with the Loch Ness monster – are there survivors – and what does the "creature" really look like? A ship carries a secret cargo but is waylaid by a beastly storm on the Bay of Fundy – the year -- ?? A crew of scientists is sent to explore the treacherous waters near the North Pole – but what they didn’t reckon on was...pirates...and an iceberg of unparalleled proportions!

SeaBeast Anthology: Elves, Volume 1
For the purpose of this collection, focus on elves in the vein of those on LOTR, more skillful and long-lived than magical (though a few light "powers" are welcome; this is fantasy, after all). Bring us a story of elves in a kingdom of their own but contained within the world of man. Will the two worlds interact? That depends on you, the author. Will we see a war between good and bad elves? Maybe. Will your elves have a language of their own? What drama can you bring into their lives? Will they fall in love? Will you choose a timeline distinct from ours?

SeaBeast Anthology: Dragons, Volume 1
All about DRAGONS! We're looking for the imaginative, the amazing, the true or the made-up, stories of gentle or warlike dragons, etc., etc. Do you have a sustained epic dragon poem? We would consider that, as well, but the poetry must either rhyme well or be a great piece of free verse or blank verse.

For more information, visit the Submissions page at Port Yonder Press.

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