News for December 30th, 2009

Ken Pick says: "Kill 23", first of my "Khrysha the Hangvixen" stories (circa 1992)
has been podcast-published by the small-press podcaster
"Anthrodreams". Here's a link to the (very short) "audiobook" version:
Additionally, "Kill 23" and its aftermath are alluded to in the
novella "Dyads", appearing this spring in Infinite Space, Infinite God II.

The Coalition of Christian Indy Presses is a new venture set up by C. Maggie Woychik of Port Yonder Press, to bring together small business owners and keep each other updated on progress. Many of these presses involve speculative fiction. You can find out more at http://portyonderpress.com/CCIP.aspx.

December 31st is the final day for voting in the final round of Marcher Lord Select. Come on over to the Anomaly and help choose what gets published next! The excitement of the past few months is now coming to a head, and you can be part of it too. The final poll is located here: http://wherethemapends.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=mlpselect - look for Phase 4.

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Donna Sundblad said...

Great information. I'll have to go check out the podcast.