News for December 4th, 2009

Karina Fabian has handed over the presidency of the Catholic Writers Guild to Walt Staples. According to Walt, "Our 'lady of dragons' is a danged hard act to follow. I figure the first thing on my plate is to learn as much as I can about the CWG, its members, and their needs and expectations. I think I've got my homework assignment for the next year or so."

Karina Fabian
also reports this new review for Magic, Mensa & Mayhem at Bitten by Books: "...a very entertaining book with a unique and extremely likeable duo in the lead."

Shelley Ledfors says: My speculative novel, "Dominion" placed as a runner up in the FaithWriters 2009 Page Turner contest. (For first chapter + synopsis of unpublished novels). I am honored and amazed! Thank-you, Lord!
Read more about Dominion here.
See the winners' announcement here.

Coscom Entertainment offers a Christmas checklist of superhero stories by A.P. Fuchs and others in his publishing company.

Adam and Andrea Graham announce: Our Second Annual Edition of Laser and Sword Magazine is for sale over at Lulu for $14.42:

It is also available on Kindle for $8.00:

Bill McGrath says: I have written two new articles for my website: Mercy vs. Wisdom, and Seven Hearts. The first is about the tension that exists between mercy and wisdom in fantasy stories. The second describes using the seven gifts of Romans 12 when creating characters for your novels. Here's the link: http://www.theswordoffire.com/articles.htm

Robert Liparulo announces the release of his latest book, Whirlwind. Read all about it at his newsletter page.

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