Residential Aliens Announces Print Zine

Subscribe to ResAliens – the Print Zine!
A Bimonthly Publication with the Premier Issue Arriving January 1, 2010!

For US$25, you’ll receive…
+ One year subscription (6 issues) to ResAliens.
+ Every two months, you’ll receive your personal copy in the mail.
+ Each issue will showcase an original color cover with over 60 pages of stories and features.
+ You’ll be introduced to exciting new writers as well as find familiar veterans from a wide variety of speculative genres.

How to Subscribe…
To request a subscription form (send no money now), please email me, Lyn Perry, at lyn @ resaliens.com. Please type SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Not ready to make a commitment? Just buy one copy for now. Individual issues will be available for US$7 at our ResAliens Storefront (http://stores.lulu.com/lynperry).

In the Coming Months…
Issue #1 is ready to launch. In this premier, I am proud to bring together six authors who will pilot us on a science fiction journey to outerspace. You’ll be transported from the asteroid belt in our own solar system to the far reaches of the galaxy and back again. You’ll encounter mystery, miracles, suspense, surprise, and even a bit of humor. Stories by Fred Warren, R. E. Diaz, Patrick G. Cox, Dan Devine, Michael W. Garza, and John Ferrell will start your New Year off right.

Issue #2 is fantasy themed packed with stories from writers like Megan Arkenberg, Alice Roelke, and Erin M. Kinch ready to take the stage. Issue #3 will feature aliens – both the good kind and the, um, not so good kind. Issue #4 feels more slip-stream at the moment, full of modern speculative tales. #5 is dark fantasy. Or #4 might be dark fantasy, who knows? My tachyon signal from the future is intermittent. But you get the idea.

We’re in for a wild ride! Thank you for considering purchasing your round trip ticket “to the seven stars” with ResAliens. May it be one of many adventures we take together.

Your Fellow Alien, Lyn Perry


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ResAliens said...

Thanks for posting this, Grace. I have a free PDF version of Issue #1 available to the first 5 people who contact me at resaliens (at) gmail (dot) com. But there is a condition :-) - please blog about it and post a link to www.ResAliens.com. Thanks! Lyn