News for January 4th, 2010

Here's a quick spotlight on a blog that will be new to some of you - OrthoCuban. He's a Cuban and an Orthodox priest. Recently some of his posts have fallen smack-bang in the middle of our area of interest:

The furry universe and vampire chick-lit
- in which the LGG's Ken Pick and Infinite Space, Infinite God (eds. Karina and Rob Fabian) are discussed;

Christian vampire stories - in which the LGG's Sue Dent and her books Never Ceese and Forever Richard get the treatment;

and G.K. Chesterton on fairytales - for a rather more historical voice than our Guild can provide.

And this from Johne Cook - get Issue 55 of RayGun Revival here!

Here's what you'll find inside:

Santa's Spaceship
by Clinton Lawrence
As humans colonize space, Santa Claus faces a dilemma. How could he deliver presents on Christmas Eve to the children on distant worlds? Fortunately, the elves have a solution.

First Film by Alexander Field
Longshot gubernatorial candidate Fargrave Goodman hopes his movie will win him the campaign, but when the footage is stolen, his entire political career hangs in the balance!

Doors Through the Places You Live by Michael Merriam
When Gary Ampierre and Terrell Bingham enter a derelict warship on a salvage mission, the forces that destroyed the ship and its crew threaten them as well. Will the ghost ship claim two more victims?

The Grand Illusion: A Dean The Space Rogue Tale by Andy Heizeler
Trapped in a hostile star system full of criminals, thieves, and con-men, Dean and the crew of the Tachyon Valkyrie may have finally met their match. Will they be able to out wit the bad and trick the worst?

RGR Reviews reviewed by Matthew Winslow and Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
The Mote in God's Eye, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
We the Underpeople, by Cordwainer Smith
The New Space Opera edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan

This Raygun For Hire: Forever Eden by John M. Whalen
Frank Carson is a man who doesn't believe in thinking about the past. But an assignment that leads him to a place called Forever Eden and a meeting with an old flame bids him to remember his own Paradise Lost.

Featured artist , Juha Järvinen, Finland

Tales of the Breaking Dawn, The Ties That Bind, Part Four by Justin Macumber
Serial Fiction
The star-freighter Breaking Dawn defies a blockade to deliver a package. The price for failure: death.

Calamity's Child, Chapter Eight: Rites of Passage - King in the Corner, Part Two by M. Keaton
Serial Fiction
Red Dog continues to war alone against the fool humans while Kylee forces Ivan to face his heart.

Thieves' Honor: Episode Ten: The Rescuers, Part 1 by Keanan Brand
Serial Fiction
Captain Kristoff and the crew of the Martina Vega are trying to rescue Finney, not knowing she's already safe. And Governor Tarquin is waiting.

Deuces Wild, Season Two: Holding Pattern by L. S. King
Serial Fiction
Reggie might be gone, but his ship is rigged. Can Carter and Tristan disable the boobytraps before time runs out?

The Adventures of the Sky Pirate, Season Three, Chapter 28 — The Barracuda Strikes! by Johne Cook
Serial Fiction
The Barracuda explains the distinction between fishing and hunting, and Flynn comes to grips with a shocking revelation about his identity.T The good news is that the crew is finally off the hook. Literally.

As a measure of our largesse, the Overlords have decided to spare your puny planet for another day. Enjoy the New Year's holiday with our compliments!
Johne Cook / L. S. King / Paul Christian Glenn
The RGR Overlords

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