News for January 6th, 2010

Congratulations to Amy Deardon on winning the 2009 Pluto Award at Yellow30 Sci-Fi with her awesome time-travel novel A Lever Long Enough. Find the news release here.

Kirk Outerbridge
is the featured author at ACFW this week. Check out his interview there, where he talks about his cyberthriller Eternity Falls, creativity, faith and more.

Rick Copple has penned Which Way Does Your Action Go, a fabulous article for fiction authors on active vs. passive writing and the was/ing problem. Recommended reading for all wordsmiths!

There's a new review at Yellow30 Sci-Fi for A Difficult Lie by J.H. Mortensen, a novel of alien invasion.

Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch revealed the cover of their new novel American Midnight.

And A.P. Fuchs muses on the similarities - or otherwise - of the present day to the images in Back to the Future II.

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