Podcasts from the Idahope Writers' Conference

Jon Colson: How to Critique

Podcast Adam Graham 5:00 am
Inspirational speaker and author Jon Colson provides insight on how to provide constructive critiques.
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Jill Williamson: Promoting Your Novel on a Limited Budget

Podcast Adam Graham 5:00 am
Author Jill Williamson provides her tips on how to promote your novel on a small budget. From our 2010 conference.
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Sherrie Lord: Let Your Characters Be Real 

Podcast Adam Graham 4:52 am
Author Sherrie Lord provides insights on creating realistic characters. From our 2010 writer’s conference.
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Donna Crow: Structure of a Novel

Podcast Adam Graham 4:48 am
Donna Crow, the author of more than 30 books provided her insights on how to structure your novel. From our 2010 conference.
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Ray Ellis: Writing About the Police

Podcast Adam Graham 4:43 am
Ray Ellis, a veteran police officer and aspiring writer provides in-depth insights on how to write about the police, and what police culture is like. From our 2010 writer’s conference.
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Adam Graham: Future of Writing

Podcast Adam Graham 4:41 am
Adam Graham discusses the future of fiction writing in the era of the Kindle and the I-pad and what lessons he draws form his career of writing political columns.
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