News for August 18th 2010

A.P. Fuchs says: "Zomtropolis," the free zombie love story that's serializing on my blog every Friday is now up to Chapter Nineteen. All the backstory's been laid plus some surprise twists and turns have already occurred. Be sure to tune in for a new installment each Friday if you haven't already.
Need to catch up? The entire Table of Contents for "Zomtropolis" is available here in "clickable" format: http://canisterx.com/?page_id=1275

Mike Duran has released the book trailer for his upcoming novel The Resurrection:

James Rubart, author of "Rooms," is a guest on the Author Haven blog. His topic: overcoming fear as a writer.

And now for something completely different: Christian sci-fi and fantasy MUSIC? Prolific composer Michael L. Rogers presents an all-new online home for his worshipful ambient electronica, which incidentally makes great writing music. Keep coming back to see new material:

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