News for August 20th 2010

Updates from Laser & Sword magazine:
The Sword Comics acquires a new title and makes someone very, very unhappy. (http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/the-double-cross-part-twenty/) The Double Cross, Part Twenty
 Night Lord is interrogated by the Emerald Avenger and gets the shock of his life. (http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/the-origin-of-the-emerald-avenger-part-eighteen/) The Origin of the Emerald Avenger, Part Eighteen
Colonel Dread meets Colonel Morgan, fireworks ensue. (http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/countdown-part-seven/) Countdown, Part Seven

Greg Mitchell announces the final cover for his upcoming release, The Strange Man. See it here:

John Otte revisits the Birthright Project by Kathryn Mackel and speculates on its future:

Sherry Thompson joins the Blogging Team at Young Adult Authors You've Never Heard Of 

Writers! Want to get your synopsis read by someone at Penguin? Now's your chance. Penguin UK is taking unsolicited submissions until October! More info and guidelines here:

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