News for October 4, 2010

For writers: The Afictionado ezine has posted summaries of workshops from the ACFW conference, among them these two from friends of speculative fiction:

Interview with Matt Koceich, author of The Sending, at Where The Map Ends:

EARTHBOW by Sherry Thompson - Part 2 out now:

Earthbow vol.1 (Narentan Tumults#2) (paperback)   http://tinyurl.com/y49h82m

Earthbow vol.2 (Narentan Tumults#2) (paperback)   http://amzn.to/8XXrVo

Earthbow (v.1&2) for Kindle                                   http://amzn.to/aimTRk          

Earthbow (v.1&2) for other electronic devices)         http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/12032

Product Descriptions (vols. 1 & 2)
And so begins the warleader's descent into darkness... Cenoc, the self-styled Lord of Latimus, learns of hidden treasures that can make him even more powerful. Few dare oppose his will, even as they witness his growing madness. However, a remnant stand in his way: a newly knighted young man who is torn between his mission and an overwhelming desire for revenge; an enchanter-initiate who finds himself facing terrors even greater than the danger of opposing Cenoc; a teen Outworlder from Earth who has been gifted with the Earthbow and told he will learn its purpose- just before his mentor abandons him. Return to the world of Narenta in the first installment of Sherry Thompson's Earthbow.

"This book is even better than Thompson's first book, which I really enjoyed." - Grant Lyle (refers to vol.1)

"In the thrilling conclusion to the second Narentan Tumult, can teen Outworlder Xander and his allies overcome the evil unleashed by the evil Cenoc?"  (refers to vol.2) 

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