News for October 8th 2010

This week's updates from Laser & Sword Magazine:
The Justice Family and the SIB investigate a professor who put in a patent requet on an interdimensional portal  http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/the-great-search-part-five/ (The Great Search, Part Five)
The Emerald Avenger catches up with the Invisibility Master http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/the-emerald-avenger-v-the-corruptibles-part-four/  (The Emerald Avenger v. the Corruptibles, Part Four)
How can Snyder and Kendall get to Dr. Rawlings before she sends her doomsday message? http://lasersword.adamsweb.us/countdown-part-fourteen/  (Countdown, Part Fourteen)
New flash fiction by Ren Black at the New Authors' Fellowship:

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