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Our thanks to the Writer to Reader blog, who gave us a nice mention in this post recently. Be sure and check out their other posts for lots of Christian fiction news.

Rebecca LuElla Miller wrote a thoughtful article around the question "How Dark is Too Dark?" regarding the portrayal of evil in Christian fiction.

Terri Main
wrote about the writer's life and the influence of social networking on this hitherto solitary occupation. Click to read: Writing: A Lonely Life - NOT!!!!

Frank Creed posted a review of Forever Richard by Sue Dent over at A Frank Review: "Sue should be proud of having crafted a fun and entertaining read for all levels of readers that is still fully a horror novel." And staying with Sue Dent, Lena Nelson Dooley interviewed Sue about her new release, Forever Richard. In it she mentions the LGG:

And finally, the ShilohWriter blog posted a review of Amy Deardon's upcoming release A Lever Long Enough - "Benjamin Finan heads up a crew of Israeli scientists sent back in time to investigate the resurrection of Christ." Click here to read the full review.

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