News from Online Worlds...

First up today we have the new-look Underground update - brought to you by Frank Creed and Cynthia MacKinnon of The Writers' Café Press - reborn as an e-zine! Content in this issue includes interviews with Jeremy Robinson and Karina Fabian (which you may have seen already if you are a regular at this blog), new reviews, articles and news items. You'll also find an Archives section with all the news from prior editions.

Spirit Blade Productions is looking for participants in their Christian Sci-Fi podcasts - are you an actor, artist, designer or musician? Maybe you'd like to be involved. Check out the Spirit Blade Operations page here.

Not exactly new, but perhaps new to some of our readers: the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life! Its leader is Reverend Mark Brown of New Zealand, with the blessing of the real life church. To read more see this article about the Cathedral; for Second Life users, click here to visit the Cathedral directly.

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