New Reviews and Short Stories

Deborah Cullins Smith has reviewed Infinite Realities by Rick Copple: "Hold this book in your hand with a touch of awe."

Sue McGeown has reviewed League of Superheroes by Stephen L. Rice: "...delightfully realistic yet quirky..."

And let's not stop there - Sue also reviewed Leaps of Faith, the anthology edited by Karina and Rob Fabian: "...open up our head and our hearts to the limitless expanse of time and space."

Jo Linsdell posted a new review of Faith Awakened by Grace Bridges: "...a nice change from the ordinary."

And new short fantasy at the Mindflights treasure trove:

Soulsong by Rabia Gale - The war bard Elinor gets more than she bargained for when she has to sing for her supper.

Bottled Dreams by Victoria Sonata - Three men lost at sea find a letter promising everyone’s greatest dreams…and they wish for WHAT?

And TODAY is release day for Jeremy Robinson's brand new book KRONOS.

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