The Weird and the Wonderful

Looks like Monday's becoming our day to dig out some of the more quirky archives of our genre. What better to perk up the first day of the week?

Today there's more from C.S. Lewis. First, an excerpt from a lecture he gave; then a modern mash-up movie trailer for Out of the Silent Planet; and for the same book, part 1 of an animated version. If you don't know the book, this makes a good intro, and if you do know it... well, have fun!

The Everyday Invaded by the Marvellous

Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis: A Modern Movie Trailer

Out of the Silent Planet: Animated Version Part 1

Finally today we have an article that's surely of interest to sci-fi and fantasy folks. In this article about scientific experiments in Germany, it is proposed that the world as we know it could be a hologram controlled by another dimension. Sounds like great story fodder...

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