Online Madness - the Guild is busy!

The Web's going mad lately. Here are just a few of the mind-boggling things that are going on. Why not get along and join in?

Virtual Book Signing at Variance Publishing
Jeremy Robinson offers a world premiere - buy a book online, then meet the author via webcam and chat while he signs your book! Events are scheduled for January 22 and 24. See the site for details.

Over at Shoutlife, Terri Main and Frank Creed have opened a forum to discuss how best to go about ministry and book promotion in Second Life. Using one network to discuss the use of another - it's so crazy it might just work! Check out "Ministry in Second Life".

Steve Doyle has created a webpage for Bill McGrath's Sword of Fire series. Here you'll find video trailers, audio segments, and sample chapters.

Karina Fabian is thrilled to announce the discovery of a cover artist for her upcoming novel, Magic, Mensa and Mayhem. Check out some preliminary sketches - and some of the other finalists!

Last but most definitely not least: Alisha Paige delivers an incredibly rich in-depth interview with Sherry Thompson of the Guild, concerning her novel Seabird and the ongoing Narentan Tumults.

Phew! Enough for today...happy reading!

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