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Special Joint Message from WhereTheMapEnds and Marcher Lord Press
Greetings, faithful fan of Christian speculative fiction.
Marcher Lord Press is pleased to announce the impending release of our third season of original Christian speculative novels.
List 3--Salmon
In just two days! On October 1, the books will officially be available.
And what a lineup we have this time. I'm so excited about these books, their covers, and these new authors.
Please Add Your Prayers
I'm writing you this note not only to whet your appetite for the books, but also to ask you to enter with me in prayer.
Two days ago, I discovered a problem with the shopping cart software I've been using for my online store. When I got that resolved, I found another problem: the admin area had been hacked.
So, with mere days left before the release of the new season, I found myself in the midst of creating a new online store. Yikes!
I had already been intending to change from the shopping cart system I'd been using--but four days before a new release would not have been the time of my choosing. However, God is always faithful.
I have recruited two of my authors (and their wives) to help me get this store up and running in time. Stuart Vaughn Stockton (Starfire) and Kerry Nietz (A Star Curiously Singing) and their gracious and talented wives have gotten into the yoke with me and are working to get the store up and running by October 1.
As you might expect, there are a number of glitches to work out and software interactions to troubleshoot--not to mention the more than 30 new html pages that must be created, with all the information migrated over from the other store.
I would greatly value your prayers in this endeavor. And, perhaps, your patience if all is not perfectly flowing on game day.
Launch Day Specials
As always, I am planning some very cool launch day goodies and specials. In this case, they will be extended launch weekend goodies and specials.
From Thursday, October 1, through Sunday, October 4, you will be able to take advantage of some way wonderful bundles and specials.
And what will those be...? Um, I'm still hammering that out. [grin]
I'm working on several bundles that will offer free shipping.* I'm working on some that come with a free Marcher Lord Press poster or T-shirt of your choice. I'm even toying with a few that would let you get a free MLP book.
So I'm in "Trust me, it will be great!" mode. But if you've been around for the previous release launches, you know I'm telling no fib.
Thank you for your support--in all ways--of Christian speculative fiction in general and of Marcher Lord Press specifically.
See you on Thursday!
Jeff Gerke
Marcher Lord Press
* I can offer free shipping in the continental U.S. only.

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