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Run for cover! The third set of original Christian speculative fiction from Marcher Lord Press has been unleased. Set loose. Escaped all efforts to restrain it.

These are some mean space invaders too, so really, find your nearest bomb shelter, take lots of beef jerky, and prepare to sit out the invasion.

We did try to fight. And we had some limited successes. We were able to form a new online store to spread out their onslought somewhat. And we clustered some of their assaults into launch party bundles that helped stem the speed of their spread.

We fought bravely, but in the end we were no match for their superior technology. Imagine the power of three science fiction epics bearing down on us! The horror..the horror.

Read on to find out more of what happened at the Battle of Release Season 3.
Jeff Gerke
Marcher Lord Press
The Power of the Third List

Someone has advised that I keep these missives short, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Mainly because I've been working virtually non-stop for the last six weeks getting ready for this day. There was the blitz to get the books ready on time plus the unexpected bomb that I had to completely and suddenly build an entirely new online store three days before launch. I'm pooped, baby. But by the grace of God it all got done!

List 3 Covers--GreyThe three new books are amazing, as are their authors. If you love Christian speculative fiction, and I know you do, you will find these novels quickly climbing to the top of your favorites list.

If you're a fan of fantasy and you think there's nothing here for you, I hope you'll reconsider. These books are among the best Christian fiction I've ever read in any genre. You won't be sorry you read these.

And to sweeten the deal for you, I have created some must-have launch party bundles.

Want free shipping? I've got the bundle for you. Want a free Marcher Lord Press wall poster or awesome T-shirt? Gotcha covered. Want all the science fiction novels ever produced by MLP? They're in a bundle. Ready to take the plunge and write your own fiction? I've even got a bundle or two for you.

The one thing all the bundles have in common is that you'll save money if you purchase them. You can certainly buy the items individually and pay more. I'll let you! But I thought you might appreciate some free swag as you launch into these tremendous SF novels.

The bundles will be available from October 1 through October 4. Then they're blasting off back to the mother ship. So don't get left behind.

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