News for October 1st, 2009

Tony Lavoie says:
My short story "Wind Farm Annie" has been accepted at MLP-offshoot new e-zine "The Cross and the Cosmos"!
This acceptance is actually a milestone for me. I set a goal earlier this year to have no less than four stories published by year's end, and Annie is number four. So that big sigh you heard this morning was me.

http://crossandcosmos.com if you want to see what they're all about over there. I am thrilled and blessed to have this chance to be a part of this new venue.

I credit many of you in some respect (and with much respect!) for this story, because being a part of this group has really gotten my sci-fi blood flowing this past year or so. So thanks, guys! You're the best!

Here's a great quote from D.G.D. Davidson, the Sci Fi Catholic:
“Be suspicious of any apocalyptic notions that fail the coolness test. Since we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen anyway, our useless speculations on the subject should at least be cool.” – DGD Davidson

And a note from your global blog editor: I'm still in France dodging from one internet café to the next - and let me tell you, it ain't easy, especially with this French keyboard layout! - so bear with me if blog posts are a little sparse or even misspelled. But I'm still watching for the news, even if I'm reduced to hunt-and-peck!

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